Think you don’t have time for a run?

Even the busiest men in our nation’s history make time for a jog.

As a social studies teacher, I couldn’t help myself—>in honor of President’s Day, here’s a presidential Motivation Monday!

jimmy carter

Jimmy Carter enjoying a nice stroll on a seemingly beautiful day.  Remember when we used to be able to see the ground and it wasn’t covered in snow??? Carter supposedly also ran track for the Naval Academy back in the day.

bush sr

George Bush Sr. making an appearance on the roads.

Here’s a two-for-one—Al Gore and Bill Clinton refueling with some McDonald’s after working out. Too much to say about this one…so I’ll leave it at that. 🙂


And our incumbent, Barack Obama, with admittedly better athletic apparel choices than Clinton.

Running, therefore, is an act of patriotism. Do your part today and get in a run!


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