Sort of.

I decided to test out walking the other day since I have been feeling pretty good. Aside from the occasional nausea, recovery has been going smoothly.  The R&R has been great but I feel like walking around would begin to help strengthen the incision area and speed up recovery.

We decided to walk to a local ice cream shop because they had my favorite ice cream flavor as the special.  Halfway there, the incision spot started getting really sore and Jeff told me that we either had to turn back then or commit to going the whole way.

Ice cream outweighed the pain and we decided to make the whole trek (I can hear my mother dialing the phone now to yell).  We had to walk pretty slow and I needed to sit by the time we reached the ice cream shop.

…but it was all worth it.

I got my ice cream.

Well worth spending the rest of the night with the ice pack.

I probably won’t test out walking again for awhile but this forced me to be realistic in how quickly I can come back to running.  I didn’t expect to feel that bad from walking so little so I know I won’t be running anytime soon.  It’s discouraging but looking at the long-term picture, I need to take it slow.

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