Wow – I am incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of encouragement and positive vibes sent my way yesterday.  I am happy to announce the surgery went well and I was discharged after just one night in the hospital!

I am SO grateful for all the wonderful people I have in my life.  Last time I had surgery (wisdom teeth) during my high school, my entire cross country team came over to my house with a wide range of junk food and just hung out while I was on bed rest.  To all my friends and family that reached out this past week – I appreciate it more than you know.

Here are a few thoughts on hospital life and recovery:

1) Hearing doctors and nurses gossip about how poor a hospital is run is not comforting for patients.  Just saying.

2) They kept me at the hospital overnight for observation and to help prevent infection.  Please explain to me how I can fight off infection when the only things I am fed are jello, italian ice, and grape juice.  Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. I think I had a chance of developing diabetes with a side of infection.  Hospitals really need to understand the importance of nutrition and health.

3) OK-enough with the negative. My nurses were awesome.  What a stressful, tough job to have.  My doctor also did an amazing job and has been extremely helpful throughout this whole process.  Can’t thank them enough.

4) I can’t believe I have lived this long without experiencing hospital beds.  I had the kind that can recline and/or lift your legs with controls on the side of the bed. Where can I purchase one of these???

5) I also got to wear these compression socks that alternated compressing each leg to help prevent blood clots.  I basically got a 24 hours massage and it was awesome.


6) Best pre-surgery gift to myself ever.  There are the New Balance 890’s designed by Heidi Klum. They are a great lightweight training shoe, great for tempo runs and interval workouts!  Click HERE for other shoes and accessories from the New Balance Heidi Klum collection!

New Balance 890, designed by Heidi Klum. Awesome lightweight running shoe. Get your own pair HERE.

7) My bed-rest read — teenage lit is the best.


8) Thanks Dr. Suess 🙂

get well

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