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What is Stretch Marks?

Those ugly stretch marks can keep you from making the most out of your pregnancy. Yes, it could be a tough time. You have to hurdle a lot of challenges, especially the physical manifestations of your condition. However, you cannot deny the fact that with the excitement that a new baby coming brings to the whole family, you have many reasons to be more than grateful for the gift of life that you have inside your womb.

Stretch Marks

Another good reason to be grateful for is the fact that those stretch marks come and go away with pregnancy. Actually, you can have them removed, if not concealed (during the first few weeks) even while you still have your baby on your tummy. There are so many effective products available, like pregnancy soaps, organic concealer, oils, and stretch marks cream that can help you manage, even remove the traces of those unsightly pregnancy marks.

Whatever it is that may keep you from enjoying your pregnancy always has a solution. Remember you are not the first or the only one experiencing pregnancy at the moment. Every second a baby is conceived, every split-second, a woman starts her journey to motherhood. What you need to focus on is how to have that healthy mindset to support a healthy pregnancy. Allowing yourself to be dragged by the thoughts of an unattractive body, pain during pregnancy, sleepless nights, and so on, will just make it more difficult for you and your baby.

Help is on the way

Yours is not a hopeless case. You always have significant others, pregnancy experts, beauty experts as well as other mothers to turn to for the support you need. It is always a smart move to ask the opinions and advice of those who are experts in the subject. Instead of worrying, you have to focus on how to take care of your body and your baby properly.

We understand it is difficult not to notice the physical changes. After all, it when you first observed the changes/problems that you start to think about and look for solutions to your predicament. However, as humans, we could not help to react first before we respond to a stimulus (in this case the sight of the stretch marks lining up your belly). You may not be aware of it, however, but as soon as you let your emotions rule over your intellect, you will feel more troubled about your condition. This will lead to more emotional concerns sooner.

These are the things that you need to do, instead.

It is a good thing that you found the perfect spot where you can start the healing process for your skin problem. To apply the stretch marks cream, remove all unnecessary products that you already have on your beauty essentials first. Inspect the skin care products that you have been using any harmful ingredients.

stretch marks treatment

Most of the time, we are just too concerned to just get rid of the problem right away, so we end up picking the product that seems to be getting the most favored by other users. Remember that your skin is more susceptible now that you have a baby in your womb who may ingest the chemicals present in any product you use through your bloodstream. Checking the label takes only a few minutes, but its effect may be for a lifetime.

If after inspection you are still unsure of some of the ingredients printed on the product label, do not hesitate to ask your doctor. If you have already used the product, take note of the number of times you have used it and the skin reactions that you notice. This will help your doctor to provide a better assessment and the right prescription for your condition.

Once you have identified the right product that you can use to treat your stretch marks, make sure that you follow the instructions on the product label to ensure that you will see the results soon. Most of the times, stretch marks make your belly so itchy as the skin underneath are stretched to the point of breaking while your baby grows inside your tummy. You may be tempted to scratch your belly which can cause more unsightly marks on it. If you feel the urge to do so, don’t.

Keep your skin moisturized with some cream and wear comfortable fitting clothes. If you feel like taking a refreshing shower, use warm but not hot water. You can also wear cotton gloves to protect your skin while you are sleeping and you don’t know when your hands involuntarily react to the itch.

If you experience severe itching, however, it may be time to see your doctor again.

Run After Pregnancy

Establishing a post-baby “normal” lifestyle can be a bit of a challenge especially for new moms. It is possible but really tough. To snap back from pregnancy and regain that svelte body that you have during your pre-baby life takes commitment and a lot of discipline. You may feel like you just don’t want to look at yourself in the mirror again. You may also reason that you also need to address a lot of physical challenges after delivering your baby, as well as to post-partum depression.

We understand your situation. We are pretty sure that you are well aware of the benefits of doing some form of exercise (like running) can do for you even then. Your doctor might have also told you that it will boost your energy. Toxins go out of your body as you perspire. It also helps melt stubborn fats that have accumulated during your pregnancy. It gives you a refreshing feeling and makes it easier for you to feel relaxed and calm. You will notice that as your mind relaxes, it will be easier for your body to feel naturally peaceful throughout the day. It is also a good way to tone down your muscles and regain the curves that you once have.

It will also help if you consider your pregnancy skin care routine. As you might have observed, there are several changes not only in your mood, diet but also in your physical appearance that may de-motivate you from wearing exercise outfits and hit the road to go back running. You have seen hideous marks (acne, melanoma, pimples, stretch marks, varicose veins, and a whole lot more skin, hair and nail problems) with your pregnancy. They also don’t just leave you right after pregnancy.

Fortunately, there are so many available treatments for a stretch mark, for pregnancy is known to be a problematic phase in the life of a woman. If you are able to treat the skin problems that came together with your pregnancy, you will be more confident to get out and start running again. With so many other reasons already mentioned, you will soon get off your feet and get your running gears again.

You can do it!

As many celebrity moms have shown that though it may be a challenging bout, it can be done, you too can also do it. You can run after pregnancy and get back into your previous shape in no time. It is just a matter of mental conditioning. Remember, however, that you cannot do it at once and push your body to the limit. It will put your health and your body at risk. No crash diet or stringent exercise will be able to bring back the hourglass figure that you once boast of. If you do, you might just end up gaining twice on the weight you already gained, instead.

Enough is enough!

Your body has taken so much while you were still heavy with your baby. It took a while before you got fully adjusted to the bulge in your tummy, or to the erratic mood swings that you observed while waiting for your baby to be delivered. It was quite an ordeal. Even then, you had to accept that those changes were normal. And just like after delivering your first baby, you fully understand then that you will get used to pregnancy challenges. And you did.

You were able to incorporate the right physical, mental, social, as well as psychological exercises that made child-bearing a lot more enjoyable. You found more reasons to enjoy the journey than complain about what you think you were missing out of life. Then, your baby bump becomes your new reason for an exciting journey. Today, the marks left behind by your pregnancy also becomes your new reasons to be fit and healthy.

Running after pregnancy is one of the best ways to regain the confidence you once had. However, you can not just do it too soon or you can end up hurting yourself. The best way to determine if you are ready to go back to running is to listen to your body. If you feel anything unusual in your body after your first try, like if you feel worse, it means your body is not yet ready. You will also need to consult with your doctor. Ask your physician on what to expect as your body recovers from your pregnancy.

To be sure to ease back into running after pregnancy, consider these helpful tips

  • Determine the best time to start running. Your new baby may need you round the clock, and it may be difficult to squeeze in an hour or so in your already busy schedule. However, setting a schedule will help you be more determined to reach your goal (go back to running or whatever exercise you do to be fit). It will give you more control over your life. Setting the time, intervals, as well as the rest (for sure there will be a time that your baby will be taking some naps or enjoying time with other people in the house), will help you determine the best time you can incorporate your goal.
  • Don’t be too hard or yourself. You can’t get rid of that accumulated fat overnight, what made you think you can back to your usual routine on day one? Your stitches need to heal, your body needs to recover, and your baby needs most of your time especially during the first few weeks of the child’s life. Take care of yourself and your baby first until you are totally ready to start to reach your goal.
  • Two is better than one. Once your body is totally ready to go back into running, you can bring your baby along. Both of you will enjoy the fresh air and be supplied with Vitamin D that your bodies need. You can also use your baby’s stroller as a support when you need to rest from running.
  • Make running something to look forward to. Participating in an event will allow you to be more excited to engage in the activity. You can check online or on social media for any running-related event that is soon to be done near you. Have fun and enjoy the run.
  • Do cross training. As you wait for your body to adjust to your postpartum activities, consider other activities that seem enjoyable. You may need to consult your doctor if you can actually do and when to do the exercise, however.
  • Any postnatal experience that you may want to share with our readers is most welcome.

Pregnancy Acne Products

Pregnancy may cause an acne-prone skin to see a worsening of the condition. However, being pregnant cannot be the sole indicator if one will have a skin flare up or not. Many still claim that they experience less of the phenomenon, so it is really difficult to tell. Needless to say, if you plan to get pregnant or are even in the early phase of pregnancy, you need to make sure you are well acquainted with how to maintain a healthy skin. If you already have, at least know how to manage the condition without harming the baby inside your womb.

What causes acne?

During this crucial period of your life, your body experiences an elevated hormone level. The particular hormone that is said to trigger an acne breakout is called an androgen. As the hormone level increases, the skin secretes more sebum through the sebaceous glands. Sebum, which is an oily substance, combine with the dead skin cells found on your hair follicles and block the pores of your skin. This area becomes a perfect space for toxins and bacteria to multiply. Inflammation soon folows then advances to become a flare out.

Is there a specific period of the pregnancy when acne can seem to occur?

Pregnancy, as well as skin experts, indicate that there is no specific time when acne and acne flare-up may occur. The degree of the condition may also be different with each woman and in any of the pregnancy phase. It goes without saying that any expecting mom needs to be totally prepared just in case the condition starts to appear or worsen.

Acne During Pregnancy

Having any skin imperfection can take away the joy of pregnancy in most women. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can do to manage the skin problem, even prevent it from appearing.

There pregnancy acne products available that you can use to address acne build-up. However, you should always be careful with the products that you choose to treat your condition. Always take note of any unnecessary and harmful ingredients that may be hiding in the contents of every product container that you see on the shelf.

You also need to consider these simple skin tips to make sure that your skin will be free from any bacteria build-up that may cause your skin to flare up:

  • Use a mild soap to wash off your face and body twice a day.
  • Use your hands to clean your skin thoroughly. Scrubbing is never advisable as it may irritate the skin and worsen the condition.
  • Pat your skin to dry instead of rubbing it with a towel or cloth.
  • Use a gentle moisturizer that is oil-free to prevent toxins from clogging the pores of your skin.
  • Don’t try pop or squeeze out whatever deposit you see on the pores of your skin. Doing so will just aggravate the condition.
  • If you would try to conceal the acne building up on your face or on any part of your skin, make sure that you pick only those products that are water-based. Oil-based products may clog your skin pores. If the label says, “noncomedogenic”, it is safe.
  • Don’t let your face be a breeding ground of bacteria and toxins. Remove any trace of make up on your skin before you go to bed.
  • If you are still confused whether to use or not to use a specific product, or whether to use a combination of products, always consult your doctor.
  • Hydrate regularly. Drink sufficient amount of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Ask your physician for an exercise routine you can do to flush out toxins lurking underneath your skin through perspiration.
  • For severe conditions, consult your physician for the right oral medication you may need to take to treat the skin problem.
  • Eat the right food.
  • Have enough rest.
  • Enjoy your pregnancy. There were be a lot of setbacks during this period. The best approach to ensure a happy one is to have a joyful disposition at all times.
  • Talk to your significant other. Allowing your partner to take an active participation in addressing emotional burden will make you feel better. Later on, you may even forget about it.

It may take a while before you can fully adjust to your current condition. Stay calm. Remember that all these unnatural conditions normally goes away once the baby is born. Always look at the bright side. It will make the journey to pregnancy easier.