I can’t believe it has been two weeks since surgery.  When you’re laying around on bed rest, the thought of feeling better  seems really far off.  Not that I was being pessimistic, but when you have all day to just think about how bad you feel, it doesn’t seem like good days will come.  Recovery has been going really well and I feel about 85% back to normal.  This past week I have been able to walk around a little bit more and even went out to eat a few times.  That’s a 100% increase on what I was able to do the week before.

I lucked out a little bit before going back to work for the first time.  We had another snow day (yes, day #3 for the 3 inches we got on Sunday, snow day #11 for the school year) but teachers had to come in two hours late.  I had a post-opp appointment scheduled for the afternoon, though, so I only worked for a few hours.  Those few hours allowed me to test out how I would feel being up for an extended amount of time and acclimated back to the classroom.

The most surprising news of all came when the doctor said I can start running next week! That’s a much sooner recommendation from the original six weeks prescribed! I don’t know if I will start up next week because I am still nervous that something will go wrong (that’s normal, right?) despite assurance from the doc but I will probably increase my walking intensity (can walking and intense be used in the same sentence?!).

Okay, okay. Not trying to bust on walking. Just bitter and want to feel 100% to run again. 🙂

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