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I know nothing about marathon training.

I know I need to do long runs. I know I need to practice fueling before the marathon. I know marathons start ridiculously early in the morning.

And that is all I know.


Last year when I was training for my first half-marathon, I referenced the training plan found in the back of Jack Daniels’ Running Formula but as with most things in life, I didn’t follow the plan to the T.  I am also incredibly stubborn when it comes to my training sometimes and didn’t understand the purpose or the attainability of some of the prescribed workouts/paces.

The only workouts I really did were fast finish long runs, before I knew that was a thing. To make up for my lack of training for the week, I would load up my long runs with some added to quality to make me feel better about myself.

What are some of your go-to marathon workouts?I got a little taste of REAL marathon training a few mornings a go when I met with some new women to run with who are training for half-marathons/full marathons.  The plan was to do six miles alternating between tempo pace and a fast recovery pace (6:30/7:10) as a tune up before their half this weekend.  It sounded easy enough in my head but actually doing the run was really, really tough.  I struggled a lot, mainly from doing a fast recovery which I have never done before in any workout.  I don’t have my actual splits since my GPS was a little off but let’s just say I didn’t hit those goal times.  It was a good effort but certainly a humbling experience as I start to transition from short distance road races to the grit of long, arduous marathon training.  I can’t wait until I can run a workout like this again and crush my paces-I know what to expect now and look forward to meeting more marathoners and learning a lot more about marathon training.


This is one of my all-time favorite quotes.

I will need all the motivation I can get; I have fallen way short of my goal of 50 miles per week the past two weeks so I am hoping I can get the mileage up before the school year starts.

What are some of your goals this week?