Motivation Monday: Rise and Shine!

rise shine run

I am actually the worst at running in the morning.

By worst I mean I avoid it like the plague.

But it is my new year’s resolution to be better about it.

So I will.

Have a great run and a great Monday!

You tell me: morning runner, lunch-break speedster, or evening superstar?

If you’re a morning runner, tell me your ways. Please.

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6 responses to “Motivation Monday: Rise and Shine!

  1. I prefer running a few hours after I wake up but I have flexibility as a grad student. I wake up really early and eat something then relax for 20 minutes before I go out if I’m running early. I just mentally come to terms with an early run. I think after a few weeks of forcing yourself to do it you begin to crave getting it done early. I went from being a 2pm runner to a morning runner because I just loved the feeling of doing it right after breakfast and having the whole day. Sucked hard for the first 2-3 weeks though ;)

  2. I used to only run in the mornings. Being a teacher and having to be at work by 7 am means those runs happen around 4:45-5. With the winter weather, that is just not happening. Now it’s after school! The trick for me is, don’t sit down when I get home, otherwise I will be too tired to get up and get out!

  3. I typically run during the lunchtime hour. I was running in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays last semester when that was the only time I could fit it in, and I actually enjoyed it. But I am loving not waking up in the 4am hour.

  4. Morning runner. I like running when it’s quiet, not much traffic and in summer beautiful sunrises. It was hard to start with but now I love it. Plus I have my workout done before I start work.

  5. I love to run in the morning but the weather and my kids are preventing that these days. My attitude is “take it when you can” so I’m always ready for a run :-)

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