Back on Track, Literally.

Ehh…. I have probably used this entry name before.  It’s just too hard to resist the wordplay.

Wednesday was our first track workout since January 14! We kept getting mid-week snow days, canceling our Wednesday track workouts.

Our coach used to shovel lane 1 of the track when it snowed. NO DAYS OFF.

Our coach used to shovel lane 1 of the track when it snowed. NO DAYS OFF.
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The canceled track workouts are what resulted to my two snowy fartlek adventures. It was the first time that we all met on the track (there are about 150 people on the training team) so it was crowded.  The group does a great job managing the different groups though; the inside lanes were for the faster groups, the outside lanes were for the slower groups (with cones to mark accurate distances), and the middle lanes for recovery and passing.

I am happy to report there were no collisions!

Our workout was 3x800m + 3x600m w/ 200m active recovery.  My goal for the 800’s were 3:00 and my goal for the 600’s were 2:05.  The paces are based on McMillan’s running calculator for a 38:00 10k.

trackworkoutActual splits: 2:52, 2:57, 2:49 + 2:08, 2:04, 2:00.

I was pretty happy with this workout.  The 800’s were tough because there are so many people in our group aiming for the same time so our pack was really crowded. Even though I felt good on them, I couldn’t open it up because I was boxed in and my stride length was often choppy.

During the 600’s, though, there was a miscommunication and half our team went to one starting line and the other half went to another.  This actually worked out in our favor because it decongested our group.  I was able to really open up on those 600’s and was happy with the finish.  The workout felt really short since it was easy to break it down into 2 parts and both distances are pretty manageable, mentally.

I am finally beginning to feel like I have my legs back under me.  The endurance is not there (BLEH long runs.) but the 10k training team has provided a lot more structure and consistency to my training.  Those things are pretty important, I guess…


What type of track workouts do you do?  How do you decipher what pace you want to hit?

Did your coach ever make you shovel the track during high school?

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5 responses to “Back on Track, Literally.

  1. I just got a little depressed reading about your track workout, you have no idea how much I just want to run right now! The fact that a track workout is tempting me… something is wrong! My favorite track workout (well its a love hate) is 200’s! 200 fast, 200 half marathon pace, 12-16. Killer but makes you fast!

  2. I wish I could hit the track right now… It’s buried under a foot or more of snow. Not shoveling that. I like 8x2000s at threshold pace with 1:15 rest. Those are fun, the pace seems slow at first, but by numbers 7 and 8, you know you did a workout.

  3. I love to hate track workouts! They can be very painful and mentally draining but they are so effective. I’m headed to my indoor track today for some speed work. Wish me luck… :-)

  4. I hardly ever get to do track workouts. The track where I teach is awful (muddy, cratery, surrounded by kids usually) and the others near by are kept locked up. I do speedwork on the treadmill or at the park. We should be 10k buddies!

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