Week 5 Recap Rungrams

Week five of training-in four words:

This week of training went pretty well!  Got a fartlek run, tempo run, and progression run despite the polar vortex striking in Richmond again. I didn’t get to squeeze in my long run this week. That’s a problem since the half marathon I am training for is less than six weeks away!

Total miles: 27 Running Log: running2win

Total miles: 27
Running Log: running2win

I am really starting to feel my legs come back under me.  I still feel sore if I run more than 35 minutes or do a workout but I feel better when I am doing all of these things.  The good news is that the soreness is no long delibitating either; I can actually run the next day and not feel like my legs are 3,000 pound tree trunks.  Now they only feel like they are 1,000 pounds ;-).

So that’s my week—in four words or less. If you notice… six runs happened this week, not five. A first for the new year!

Please keep your comments coming! I love hearing about your runs.  Some favs from last week:

I want to hear from YOU.

Tell me about your best/worst/favorite/coldest run this week –in four words or less. GO!

ALSO, how do you stay motivated to train when it is cold?

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15 responses to “Week 5 Recap Rungrams

  1. It’s been weirdly warm.

    Also, when it’s cold I just think of the hot chocolate and footy pajamas I can wear after my run. The faster I get going, the faster comfy can happen.

  2. Nice workouts! I’m glad my treadmill debacle made your favorites list :) Mine this week would be “too damn icy”- a far cry from the “61 degrees in January” I was bragging about a few weeks ago.

  3. powercouple for the win!

    The hubs and I ran together (like side-by-side) for the first time in forever (he runs a faster pace than I do). It was so nice to run with a buddy again.

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