January: Coming Back to the Roads

For me, January was about hitting the roads again, building a base to come back to a strong 2014 racing season.  After running the Richmond Half in November, my training has been EXTREMELY lackadaisical.  I kept putting off running until tomorrow and, well, we know how that story goes…


Could this definition be more accurate?

January 2013 mileage vs. January 2014 mileage ---LAUGHABLE

January 2013 mileage vs. January 2014 mileage —LAUGHABLE

I had four goals coming into the new year:

  1. Run at least 5 times a week.
  2. Run at least 20 miles per week.
  3. Run over 100 miles a month.
  4. Run more than I did in the same month last year.

Mission accomplished.

If you go by the Sunday-Saturday week view, I ran five days each week.  I have run more than twenty mpw and I logged 102 miles for the month.  You can tell how bipolar the weather has been down here by my attire. Shorts one day, tights and gloves the next…

I do have goals to slowly continue to increase my mileage and get to the level of training I was at before but I am really satisfied to have more consistency to my training again.

January 2014 Miles

January 2014 Miles

102.9 miles for the month!

102.9 miles for the month!

I have also started doing some workouts, including two tempo runs (light blue), two fartlek workouts (medium/cornflower blue), and one track workout (midnight blue).  You’ll see more workouts in the upcoming month, long runs, and TWO races (ah!).

Running hard after a month of jogging = really difficult…but after each week I certainly felt stronger and faster.

Long term goals: half marathon in the middle of March and big, local 10k at the end. Very excited!

>>> I want to hear from YOU. What are you currently training for? How did your first month of 2014 go?


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10 responses to “January: Coming Back to the Roads

  1. Nice work! LOVE the colorful collage of photos. It looks like you had some great runs. January was an awesome month for me and I have set some new goals, starting with training for IM 70.3 Boise. I have never trained for a triathlon so I am hoping it is an awesome experience. Good luck on reaching your next set of goals.

  2. Love all the photos. What a great way to recap runs. January was a pretty decent month for running…I’m not training for anything at the moment but am just aiming for an overall mileage increase.

  3. I’m not currently training for anything, but I like to stay in half marathon shape in case I see something I really want to run. There’s a ten-mile race next month that I will probably run. January runs went really well. Two races under my belt! I love that word. I’m going to begin using it in every day life.

    • That’s a great strategy I wish I had the same discipline to generally stay in shape, particularly to stay in half shape. I need races to keep me motivated!

  4. Mine has been mostly just running to run lately. Speed work and tempos but not at ideal paces, just enough to keep my legs somewhat capable of running faster. Mostly I was just aiming for consistency and a slow buildup of mileage so I can do a serious training regimen starting in March for my late-May half :) I will probably run a half in early March for fun with some friends though!

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