Week 4 Recap Rungrams

Here is my week – in four of less words:

Four weeks into the new year, my mileage is slowly increasing and my training is finally starting to look like training!  This past week I have definitely increased the intensity of my training.  I snuck in a fartlek (4×4 minutes hard), a tempo run  (2 miles at 6:48 pace), and a long run (for me – 8 miles in 1 hour) for a total of 28 miles for the week.

It snowed 2 inches here in Virginia at the beginning of last week and since Virginia doesn’t seem to own plows or know what wonders salt can do, the roads have been terribly dangerous – making training interesting.  Also, no one here shovels their sidewalks (or venture outside for that matter) — isn’t that strange?

So there is my week of runs in four words or less. I love hearing from you all and sharing our running adventures! You can tell how bipolar the weather has been by the responses! My favorites from last week:

I want to hear from YOU.  Tell me about your best/worst/favorite/coldest run this week –in four words or less. GO!

ALSO, is it a law near you to shovel your sidewalk if it snows?

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15 responses to “Week 4 Recap Rungrams

  1. Impressive fartlek in the snow! SO bizarre when people don’t shovel. I guess if they are never outside they don’t realize that people actually like to be outside in cold weather and snow!
    Basement workouts: treadmill & bike

    • You would laugh at how insane people get at the threat of snow. Grocery stores wiped out; generators prepped; cars abandoned in the middle of the road.

  2. Nice week! In Salt Lake you have 24 hours after a storm to clear your sidewalk. Most people do but the people who don’t…….ugh! I like to think they are little old ladies who can’t physically lift a shovel.

  3. We got ice last night in Florida and since we don’t own salt (obviously…why would we?!), the city has filled dump trucks with sand to dump on the roads. Seriously, how Florida is that??

  4. Thanks for the shout! It is supposedly the law to shovel here, but it must not be enforced because some people never do. Be careful out there! My four words for yesterday would be “too fast for treadmill” – I had it maxed out for 400m repeats and it overheated!

    • Wahoo you go girl, rocking that dreadmill workout !

      I woud imagine outdoorsy states like CO would be better about it! guess it’s the same everywhere!

  5. Haha crazy that I can see bare legs on Jan 27th, and then you’re back to gloves on the 28th. Crazy weather! I do believe that in some states that is definitely the law. It is here, but my landlord doesn’t do it.

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