Snow Fartleking and Yoga Pants

One of my “go-to” workouts is doing some sort of fartlek run, with the hard parts totaling 15-20 minutes.  A fartlek, Swedish word for speed play, is a mixture of hard running and easy running for an a certain amount of time or distance.  Fartleks are pretty worry-free in terms of preparation; I always do them for time so I never have to map out distances before the workout and they generally do not leave you very sore like track workouts (or maybe I just don’t do them hard enough…).

jan fartlekYesterday I did 4×4 minutes hard with a 2 minute recovery.  It snowed here (2 whopping inches) a few days ago and Virginia does not own snow plows or salt so the roads were still s0-so. I was pretty disappointed with a short tempo run I did last weekend so I knew I wanted to do something shorter but at the same hard effort.

The first one felt horrible but the rest were around 6:35 pace (I would like to be around 6:00 pace).  I wasn’t happy with it but I know strength and speed will come with consistency so I just focused on effort and not pace.  Also, there was a lot of black ice and slick spots on the road which led for some interesting and frightening moments so that threw paces out the window as well.  I am a horrible snow runner, by the way.

Snow running since 2000.

Snow running/failing since 2000. Right before the awkward years hit.

Looking forward to dropping my paces soon enough and am looking forward to the next few weeks of training!  I have another tempo run scheduled for this weekend so here’s to having a better one than last!


P.S. Have you seen this? 10 reasons why yoga pants are the best pants.

yoga pants

I want to hear from YOU. 

Do you do fartlek runs? What kind/how far?

Yoga pants…yay or nay?

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9 responses to “Snow Fartleking and Yoga Pants

  1. I have considered becoming a yoga teacher just so that I am able to wear yoga pants to work everyday.

  2. I love fartleks but I usually don’t do it structured, I typically speed up for a minute of every song on my iPod, or fast for a song, normal pace for the next. It’s my favorite way to get in some faster running and avoid the watch, I just need to not focus on times or paces or regimented intervals sometimes. I would guess that it works out to 1 min fast, 2 min normal for the first set and 3-4 min fast, 3-4 min normal for the second set though :)

    • That’s actually a great idea! I used to push for the first minute of every song when I ran on the treadmill to save me from my boredom or do 1 min of abs and rest the remainder of the song.

  3. I would never try fartleks in the snow. I am far too accident prone. I wish it were appropriate to student teach in yoga pants because then I would never have to change my clothes.

  4. Great throwback photo!
    Honestly, tempos (or any faster pace running) in winter are tough! Even with only a little snow, it’s still slick!

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