Week 3 Recap Rungrams

Wow, I can’t believe we’re three weeks into the new year already! I am pretty sure I have yet to write the year correctly still but thankfully I’m not signing off on anything too important.  This week was a pretty good week, 5 runs, 23 miles, including one tempo run.  One of my hip flexors has been really tight since doing some track work last Tuesday but it is starting to feel better.  Saturday’s run was also a group run with my new training group and we had a moment of silence dedicated to Meg Menzies, the runner killed by a drunk driver during her morning run.  What an incredible way to honor one of our own.

I really love sharing my runs with you and hearing about how your week went! It really does give me extra meaning to each and every run and I am really jealous because a lot of your are working out and getting ready to race and I am not there yet.  My favs this week:

I want to hear from you!

**** How was your best/worst/hardest/most fun run this past week!? – in four words or less!


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15 responses to “Week 3 Recap Rungrams

  1. Girl you will get there! My workouts this week have been sweaty…I’ve been staying inside at the gym and it’s always crazy hot! #megsmiles is so inspiring, and so sad at the same time, it’s heartbreaking that this type of thing happens!

    • It was fun following your Zooma half! I loved the things that you didn’t do Right post following it but it is certainly a great way to come back to racing-fun and relaxed.

  2. I love the “Running While Watching Running” picture. I always find that if I am watching some athletic event while running, it pumps me up! My worst run this week was today, on the treadmill, with a taped knee. My knee has a mind of its own and does not like to be taped.

    • Yeah I ran to the start of a local 15k that a few friends were running and it certainly kept me motivated! Sorry to hear about your knee! Speedy recovery to ya! :)

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