Week 2 Recap Rungrams

OKAY-so already off task with my goal of running five times a week for a minimum of twenty miles.  BUT I did get in my first track workout in a very, very long time (more to come).  I got in a bad habit of running at the very last minute I could before I had to do something, leaving me pressed for time on my runs.  I ran 18 miles for the week but am starting to feel better with each run.

Jan 9 Getting in shape sucks.
Jan 10 Pressed for time.
Jan 12 Wish I went longer.
Jan 14 First track workout WOO.

I loved hearing what you all had to say about your runs last week! Some of my favorites included:

Per usual, sounds like everyone had better runs than me!

Tell me how any of your runs went this week-best, worst, most exciting, longest, etc-in four words or less!


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12 responses to “Week 2 Recap Rungrams

  1. I love your colorful collage of photos! I am currently doing a January running challenge where I run every day in January. I have been documenting each run with a photo. I may have to give you idea credit and make a collage once I am done. Such a good idea! :)

    • hey, there’s nothing better than social media to help you accomplish your goals!!! i did that in July and I felt in the best shape that I have felt in awhile!

  2. I’m getting antsy just reading this. I’ve been sick for almost 5 days now with zero running and very little else. I cannot wait to get back on track!! Also – every Monday I do a link-up called “The Rundown” on my site – this would be a perfect post to link up :-)

    • I know! I read that on your blog—stay positive girl!! this will not ruin your training, just make you appreciate it that much more!

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